Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Topman Black Denim Shirt

shirt // topman (sale)
jeans // asos (similar)
slip ons // office

I finally found a black denim shirt! Yay me. £20 in the Topman sale, which is a bargain really, it's a very nice shirt. Oversized for obvious reasons but I did manage to get a size small. I probably would have gone for an extra small but this still fits really well. It makes a change from the typical blue denim as well. What do you think? Feeling the black denim?

x G 


Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration ft. Filling Pieces

Image c/o Filling Pieces

Just a quick one. If you have never heard of Filling Pieces they're a brand from Amsterdam that make, as you can see, trainers. They're pretty premium and just absolutely gorgeous. I have wanted a pair for ages but the ones I wanted were too pricey/sold out/not in my size etc. They have just released the pack above, it's called the Rainbow Pack (for women). How stunning are they? If you're into trainers or pastels then these might be your thing. I am bladdy chuffed to say I've picked up a pair and I'll be featuring them on my blog soon!

Check out their site here to have a look. And no this isn't sponsored, I just wanted to ramble on about these shoes!

x G 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

"Styled In Sepia" Dupes: Mac Lip Liner & NYX Lipstick

"oak" and "stone" lip liner // mac
"butter" and "maison" lipstick // nyx

If you haven't seen what Styled In Sepia lipstick looks like then give it a quick google. It's this stunning light brown matte lipstick that was a limited edition from mac sometime last year. You can find it online but for way over the original price, and it's probably been used. I made it pretty much a make up mission to find my own version of it, and it took quite a bit of hunting online because the suggestions were always a bit off. I've finally managed to find two lip liner and lipstick duos that are spot on dupes!

Mac's Stone liner with NYX's Maison lipstick - two dark greyish brown colours that combine to make a lip colour slightly darker than Sepia. 

Mac's Oak liner with NYX's Butter lipstick - these two are both lighter colours than the former. Oak is a light brown and Butter is a light brown-grey. Personally I think these two together are a perfect copy of Sepia. If you only want to get one then I'd say Butter is what really gives the Sepia colour, so just get that. 

Mac is easy to come by but NYX I found harder to get hold of. There is a UK NYX site, but everything good is always out of stock. I've ordered NYX products from Amazon sellers and a website called Fruugo. 

Hope this post has helped you if you've been on a dupe hunt! :)

x G


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Topshop "Binx" Jeans

t-shirt // asos
jeans // topshop (similar ones to mine)
sandals // topshop
bucket bag // primark

I am so in love with these jeans. I think they're the latest new style that Topshop have come out with (I could be wrong on that). I'm even thinking of getting them in black as well. These ones are a gorgeous bright blue, and they have a raw hem!!! Who isn't into raw hem denim right now? They're thicker than your normal skinny jeans, and they're not a proper skinny either. They're kind of shaped like a mom jean at the top, and then they get tighter down the leg. I'm usually a 32" length in jeans but I got these in a 30" because I wanted them to be a bit cropped. What do you think? Will you get a pair?

x G


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Matching Denim

denim shirts // topman (sale)

I went into Topman over the weekend, initially looking for a Father's Day present for my dad, but to be honest he's not the typical Topman customer. I had a browse in the sale section and picked up the light blue shirt. At first I considered it for myself (as always) but then I decided my boyfriend was more in need of a blue denim shirt than me. I then saw the black shirt and I let out a little squee because I've been desperate for a black denim shirt but a good quality yet cheap one hasn't been easy to find! Black denim just isn't as popular as blue denim when it comes to jackets and shirts. So now we've got matchy matchy denim Topman shirts. Couple goals? Lolol.

x G

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

H&M Slacks vs Vans Old Skool

t-shirt // asos
trousers // h&m (similar)
bag // asos
trainers // vans via footasylum

Hey guys! Soz for the photo overload but I'm really pleased with this outfit and how the pictures turned out. If you follow me on Instagram then prepare for a few shots from this post haha. For once my hair doesn't look like a gross mop either, go hair. 

I'm wearing one of the classic ASOS forever t-shirts, go buy one now if you don't have one. The h&m trousers are new and I LOVE them, I've never owned like smart trousers that can be worn casually. They were on sale so they're gone now but I linked the closest version and tbh you can probably find the same thing at Zara. Also I don't know if I've shown this bag before? I've only just noticed how much it's shaped like a Celine bag (am I imagining that or am I right?) so I love it even more. 

Hope you like this outfit ^.^

p.s. that bit of fur in the second photo is none other than my cat making a cameo as he tried to escape from the room.

x G


Monday, 22 June 2015

Monday Morning Inspiration

c/o Tumblr
Is anyone else only wearing block colours? I am really into wearing block colour outfits that are full of staple basics like a v-neck t shirt or a shirt and skinny jeans or culottes. That's my life. I definitely need more camels and nudes though because these jumpers look so cute. Does anyone else see camel and just think of Kimmy K? I'm not sure why.

I'm disappointed because so far the weather this summer has been awful. I know I live in England but I swear we're usually at at least 22 degrees by now. All it does is rain, and all the sandals and slides I've bought are going to waste. Terrible!

x G  
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