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Sunday, 21 September 2014


crop-top // asos
skort // new look
brogues // primark
lipstick // russian red (mac)

This is my bye-bye summer outfit; I can't see myself going off on a night out in something like this anymore. I love monochrome to death but this needed spicing up with something else and that's the reason for the red lippy. I'm never adverse to a crop-top, even in the middle of winter, so in the cooler months I'll just add tights and a more over-the-shoulder crop to make this work. I'd also switch the red lipstick for a plum - I don't care about sticking to seasonal lipstick shades but there's no denying how a plum looks in autumn/winter!

Hope you like this look and there's only one more to come before you see my new short hair!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

White Stripes

crop-top // topshop
joggers // h&m
nike air force 1s // footlocker 

My new motto is going to be "sports luxe every day, for every occasion". Okay so this isn't exactly sports luxe... I'm wearing joggers and trainers. BUT this isn't any ordinary pair of joggers (they're not a soft enough material for me to consider them sweatpants...). When I first bought them I was calling them my Rihanna Pants, because they just remind me of the kind of baggy pants that you'd see Rihanna in. I'm not even sure I know what I'm on about right now. Don't you just love the white stripes though?

To offset the loose nature of the pants and the chunky, masculine trainers I of course put on a crop-top. This is the kind of outfit I'd wear on a day where I wanted to be extremely comfortable whilst also looking like I'd taken my style into account. No accessories required.

Monday, 8 September 2014


top // asos
jeans // vintage levi's
glasses // forever 21

Oh hey girl. Apologies for a lack of posts, I've recently started an (almost) full time internship, so I've had less free time on my hands. However, I am visiting my boyfriend in Newcastle this weekend so I'll have him as my photographer monkey once again for a few posts. 

I wanted to do this post to show you me in my glasses for the first time. I pretty much always wear my contact lenses to leave the house in, but when I'm hanging about or having a sleepy eyes day I'll stick to my specs. These glasses are actually from Forever 21, non-prescription, but I took them in to Specsavers and requested that they have my prescription put in the frames, and voila! 

These glasses are beautiful Imo. The size is big but not too big, and yes they are a tad hipster but you know what, I'm a tad hipster (only in style, not in life). I hope you like them and I look forward to putting up a lot more posts v.soon.


Friday, 29 August 2014

Favourite Lipsticks

It finally felt like time to do something different on my blog. Although I will always mainly focus on fashion and styling, make-up and beauty is also a big focus of, well, my general life. To coincide with my newest YouTube video showcasing my main lipstick collection, I thought I'd do a little post on my top favourite lippys in there and what they're like!

"dare" // sleek

This is my favourite lipstick. This is also my newest lipstick. I bought it about er... 9 days ago? In that short time it's become my staple colour. I am obsessed with it. I was on the hunt for a brown lipstick and came across this one in the Sleek section in Boots. It's not completely a brown; I'd say it's a mix of brown and red and the brown's winning. I find it really daytime wearable, and because it's a matte lipstick it doesn't budge. I also think it brings out the colour of my eyes which is always a plus. 

"please me" // mac

My second favourite lipstick ever (I'm not going in order ha, but this one only got beaten last week so deserves to go second). I bought this lipstick on a whim in the Trafford Centre this time last year. For a time it was also my staple colour. It's a "different" kind of pink. It's not barbie bright or a pale pastel like most pinks I find. I just love it. I wore it to my grad ball, and honestly if someone came up to me right now and said "imagine it's your wedding day, you have 60 seconds" I'd put this lipstick on. 

"russian red" // mac

I don't have much to say about this one (it speaks for itself). I didn't get into wearing red lipstick until I was blonde, and this was my first ever staple red. I don't wear it often, but when I do it always feels like a big deal. 

"110 (kate moss)" // rimmel

This is another one that I'm not sure I could pull off if I wasn't blonde. It is such an incredibly summery colour, and looks really good on my pale skin if I just add a little bronzer and contour so I'm not completely washed out. The lipstick itself is really soft and moisturising, and it smells good too! It's kind of my go-to colour if I'm feeling a bit out there because I'm otherwise quite a muted colours kind of girl.

"black cherry" // revlon

Mmm this lipstick. It says gothic to me without being too dark, which is perfect. I bought it the day I finished my last university exam as a treat, so only 3 months ago - it definitely hasn't seen enough nights out yet. If my boyfriend said a lipstick was too much I'd tell him to go shove it, and I expected him to be put off by this one, but he actually expressed a lot of liking for it (which is saying a lot when boys don't give much on the opinions of lipstick besides "that's nice" or "not a fan"). It isn't matte though so does require looking after throughout the day/night.

"posture" // illamasqua

Last but not least, this absolute stunner of a lipstick. I swear all my lipsticks are spur of the moment purchases besides the aforementioned brown. This one was snapped up during a one evening only 50% off sale on the Illamasqua website. Yes, it's a lilac, but I wouldn't say it's soo lilac that it's unwearable. I think it's just pale and subtle enough that it gives that kooky and unusual vibe that you're obviously going for wearing a lilac lipstick, but it's not too in your face... or anyone else's face. The lipstick starts off with a very dry consistency, so you have to really work it into the lips and then the product warms and softens and goes on smoothly. It's beautiful and I lav it. 

Thanks so much for reading and go check out the full video ^.^

Monday, 25 August 2014


sweat top // topshop
leggings // river island
denim jacket // topman
sneaks // nike
lips // dare (sleek)

I'm just hanging around inside today, doing bloggy internet things and playing pc games (Hitman: Blood Money, if you were wondering.) If you're not a fan of leggings as pants, back away now. These leggings are very thick and high waisted and ULTRA comfortable. You can't judge me anyway - it's not like I've left the house. This sweat crop-top I picked up a while back in a Topshop sale. It's super cute and the ribbed bottom gives it that sports luxe feel. 

My hair was just not doing what I wanted today so I decided to try out the "hipster bun" and I have to say I'm quite a fan. The lipstick I chucked on as an afterthought because it matched my sneaks. Yeah, just in case I decide to venture outdoors I completed the outfit with jacket and trainers. Lazy days win.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Lookbook

My first ever lookbook is live on YouTube! :) View it directly here or scroll down below!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Snap Happy

romper // american apparel
air force 1s // nike

I've become very "snap happy" as of late. I take my camera with me everywhere I go (don't want to miss a blogging opportunity...) and have taken some pictures of my last few days. Thought I'd share them with you whilst also taking the opportunity to mention that my first LOOKBOOK will be going up on YouTube tomorrow! :)